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Our team of designers have over 50 years of packaging knowledge to draw from when determining what materials to utilize. Materials used to develop our designs include corrugated, honeycomb, wood, chipboard, plastic corrugated, buildup material, foam, pressure sensitive adhesive, metal hinges/t-nuts, nylon strapping, and so much more. We are happy to provide fully operational samples for field testing before deciding what fits your needs best. Should you desire reassurance, arrangements can be made for an independent lab to test our designs. Armour is so much more than another box supplier.


Our reputation is directly tied to the quality of product delivered to our customers. We provide consistency to our clients that they can rely on. Our vigilance has contributed greatly to the satisfaction of our customers. Precision, accuracy, and margin for error are held to the highest standard within our business. Our packaging is designed to protect your goods during transit throughout the United States and around the world. Armour gets your product there safe and sound every time. 


Started by our founder, Robert E. Armour in 1979, Armour Packaging Technology, Inc. has been doing business in the Chicagoland area for many years. Our reputation is built on relationships that Mr. Armour cultivated very early on. We maintain many of the original accounts that the company broke ground on over 40 years ago. We have been successful over the years by listening to our customers and focusing on the things that will benefit their day-to-day manufacturing. When our customer has an immediate need, we go above and beyond to meet their requirements. Can you lean on your current packaging supplier when you need them the most? You can rely on Armour to be there whenever you need us!


We understand that cost is very important. Here are a few ways that we can save you money. Our long-standing relationships with industry suppliers allow us to secure raw materials at a very competitive price. We can reduce your labor costs by sending fully assembled packaging components ready to be filled. Your workforce can focus on what’s important, efficiently manufacturing your product. We never charge for design work or samples we provide to your business. This is a professional courtesy in effort to earn your business the right way. Floor space is very expensive and if you don’t have the room, we can ship product just when you need it. Armour can help your bottom line.


Our main focus is customer service and satisfaction. We tailor our products and services to exceed needs and expectations. We give our customers superior service by offering short lead times, warehousing with just-in-time deliveries, reduced labor, and unmatched response times. When you call, we will answer, not an automated service. Armour cares about your business. Let us show you how!

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